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Yowie Bay, Sydney: Shannon De Waard’s home vandalised after he allegedly killed a german shepherd

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Furious vandals have spray-painted ‘dog killer’ on the home of a plumber accused of strapping a two-year-old German shepherd named Harry to a cement block with cable ties and drowning him in a river.

Shannon De Waard, from Miranda in Sydney’s south, kept his head down when he appeared in Sutherland Local Court via video link on Tuesday from a prison cell – lifting it only to adjust the band holding his man bun in place.

The 39-year-old was charged with torturing or beating an animal to death, committing an act of aggravated cruelty upon an animal after horrified swimmers found Harry’s lifeless body in Port Hacking River on Saturday afternoon.

De Waard was arrested at his home on Monday evening where police allegedly found cable ties that were the same length and colour as the ones used to tie the pet’s head to the Besser block, and 117g of cannabis leaf.

Pictured: Shannon De Waard, who is accused of strapping a German shepherd to a cement block and drowning him in a river

De Waard was granted bail on Tuesday and returned home to find his home had been pray-painted with the words ‘dog killer’

His Legal Aid solicitor Natasha Rudduck said he plans to fight the charges, before Magistrate Phillip Stewart granted him conditional bail.

The plumber returned home to find his neighbours were unable to contain their rage – taking to his garage with a can of pink spray paint and puncturing the tyres of his car with nails.

Mr Stewart described the man’s alleged actions as ‘disturbing’ and acknowledged the case would likely ’cause anger’ in the community.

‘There is clear evidence he had the dog in his possession at the relevant times,’ Mr Stewart said.

‘There’s a suggested motive for him to get rid of the dog, due to its alleged aggression.’

After shocked swimmers found Harry’s (pictured) body, authorities scanned his microchip and traced him back to De Waard

Mr Stewart said the prosecution’s case was strong, but said bail should not be used as a punishment. 

‘As unpopular as this may be and strong as the prosecution case may seem, it does not cause any bail issues’ he said.

Troy Loftus was among the group of friends who found Harry’s remains underwater.

‘I wasn’t sure what it was at first, it actually really shocked me,’ he told 7News

The dog was traced back to De Waard after police scanned his microchip.

Meanwhile, furious Australians flooded the plumber’s Facebook profile with comments labelling him a ‘putrid monster’ and calling for him to be ‘tied down on a cement block’.

De Waard’s social media has been flooded with comments from furious Australians who labelled him a ‘putrid monster’

The comments are predominately on two photos he posted of another dog named Bronx that he adopted in 2019.

‘He picked me,’ De Waard wrote, with a smiley emoji.

One irate woman commented: ‘I hope the same fate awaits you!’

‘You deserve to be hanging from a cement block and fed to the sharks. Nothing will make the world happier than to see the same evil happen to you. You putrid vile scum of the earth. You don’t deserve the oxygen on this earth.’

Another said, ‘you deserve to rot in hell you piece of s**t,’ with a link to a change.org petition calling for the plumber to receive the maximum sentence of five years in jail.

The petition garnered more than 6,000 signatures within the first two days. 

Until his case returns to Sutherland Local Court on November 23, he must report to police three times a week, abstain from drugs and alcohol and abide by a curfew between 8am and 8pm.

Source: Daily Mail

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