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Incredible moment a motorcycle thief is forced to stop at traffic lights and obey the road signs 

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The incredible moment a motorcycle thief is arrested by police at a set of traffic lights has been caught on camera.

Dashcam footage posted to YouTube on October 12 shows the motorcyclist pulling up to the traffic lights.

The rider appears to check his phone before putting it back in his pocket as a car pulls up behind him.

The doors of the car open and two police officers are seen running up behind him.

The rider only realises at the last second the officers are behind him and he tries to rev the bike, which appears to be missing number plates, and ride off.

He is apprehended as the officers step in his way and grab the bike as it spins around, causing the rider to lose control.

The rider leaves the bike on the ground and takes off running across the intersection while being chased by the police officers as they move out of sight of the camera.

Footage of a motorcycle thief has gone viral online showing the rider (pictured) pulling up to a set of traffic lights before police officers sneak up behind him

Officers apprehend the man as he tries to flee (pictured), stepping in his way and grabbing the bike, causing it to fall to the ground on its side

When the lights change the owner of the dashcam, who is ironically listening to a true crime podcast, turns the camera to the side so viewers can catch a glimpse of the motorcyclist who has been arrested on the ground in front of traffic.

As they drive past, the driver whoops and says ‘stolen bike’ as they see the rider being arrested.

Viewers of the footage titled ‘Ride it Like You Stole it’ have laughed at the expense of the thief, saying he got what he deserved. 

‘Well I was not expecting that, a thief that actually obeys road rules and traffic lights… what a sucker,’ wrote one. 

‘If you ever wanted to see a bloke s**t his jocks that was it,’ commented another.

The man leaves the bike on the ground and takes off running out of sight of the camera (pictured). When the lights change, the camera moves to show the man on the ground being arrested by the officers 

Source: DailyMail

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