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Martin Lewis issues warning to Brits who could be duped out of their cash by making same scam email and text mistake

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MARTIN Lewis has warned that Brits are making the same mistake when it comes to scam emails and texts – and it could cost them.

He has told anyone getting scam messages to ignore them rather than actively unsubscribe, as it could put them in a position where fraudsters have access to their info.

Martin said "DON'T UNSUBSCRIBE" as the scammer will then have access to your details


Martin said “DON’T UNSUBSCRIBE” as the scammer will then have access to your details

Many Brits will understandably find scam messages annoying, if not worrisome.

So an option to remove themselves from receiving the unsolicited notices seems like the best route to go down.

But Martin Lewis has said you shouldn’t click the option in the email to unsubscribe or reply to the text with whatever it’s told you will remove you from the database.

That’s because doing so will only let the fraudsters know that they definitely can reach you on that address or number as you’ve just used it.

He gave his warning in a tweet responding to fans who had come across scams pretending to be the money mogul himself.


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His urgent warning came as one fan shared the email they had received that claimed to be Martin Lewis offering a “revolutionary way to survive financially”.

“That just lets the scammers know they’ve hit an active email address,” Martin said in the tweet.

“The same applies to scam texts, don’t reply stop, it just tells them the number works.”

Instead of clicking anything in the email or text, he urged fans to forward any scam material to report@phishing.gov.uk.

If you’re still worried about the content, then deleting it from your phone or device altogether will be a more helpful protection too.

Martin Lewis’ MoneySavingExpert team has even warned that your number may also be sold to another firm which could send more spam if you do reply, so it’s important to take the right steps.

Their advice was to initially be careful with who you give your number or email to when filling in online forms.

You shouldn’t publically advertise it somewhere like Facebook or Twitter if you want to void the unsolicited messages too.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Martin has tried to look out for his fans, but sometimes there’s nothing he can advise – the financial guru was left shaking and almost in tears after being unable to help single mum hit by sky high energy bills.

Though he has also urged fans to check their tax codes and steer clear of “danger debt” lately, in attempt to help others in sticky situations.

Martin Lewis almost in tears after being unable to help mum with energy bills


This post first appeared on thesun.co.uk

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